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Stink Attack is Here!

A heartwarming story of a dog saved from a frightful fate—uh, fearsome fumes, that is! And does Sunny learn his lesson? When Sunny’s nose takes him to the corner of the yard, he goes from innocent sniffer to a doggie under attack. It’s trouble—trouble for him AND his family. See Sunny’s easy-breezy life go from stinky to a fate worse than skunk spray. Horrors!  
And then—what do you think he will do at the end of the story?

Gabby Goose is Here!

Once i sat on the porch of our cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and watched the incredible interchange between a lone little Canada goose and my husband, Al. As Al stoked the campfire, the goose shuffled up to him, 
jibbered and jabbered, and took treats. The little critter returned several times a day during our time there--always alone.
That gabby little goose's visits inspired a story about a lost creature meeting a sad boy on Lake Superior's rugged coast. The two hobble together through adventures and dangers, sealing a friendship that overcomes misfortune.

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